Letter to Community


  • We will still provide the most gorgeous flowers for your holiday celebrations. Please order now so we can plan. We will fill the shop full of flowers, but please don’t leave it to chance with your orders.

  • Holiday décor and gift merchandise is on sale! That display furniture you always ask about? Ask again! You can be sure that the best of everything will go fast. Don’t wait for a bigger discount if you see something special!

  • Has Andrew’s Garden been your Happy Place? Tell us a happy story about AG on social media, send us an email, stop in the shop. Please tell our amazing staff how much you appreciate them. Have a job opening? HIRE THEM!

  • Here’s a really big one. PLEASE support local & independent shops, restaurants, and other businesses! Remember how you lined up around the block to support us during COVID? Your local businesses still really need you! Cost increases, labor shortages, and endless hours worrying about it, are taking a huge toll on small businesses. Communities like Downtown Wheaton really appreciate unique, local businesses. Let’s make sure it stays that way! And if you live in another area, or even when you travel, make a point to shop & dine local. It’s a critical investment in our communities. Local businesses will love you in return.

  • Finally, BE KIND. We must treat each other with more kindness. PERIOD. Maybe you, like me, have seen the photo making the rounds of the Starbucks’ barista, head-in-hands on the floor behind the counter after a difficult customer? It’s a real thing. It happens in every store and every restaurant. It’s a tragedy that we get so busy and frustrated with everything going on in the world around us, that we forget to be kind to the real person right in front of us. Some things are just not that important. BE KIND.
Handtied Bouquet Red Roses

© Alicia’s Photography

wedding floral decor
wedding floral decor
wedding floral decor

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