To vase, or not to vase–that is the question:
Whether ‘tis nobler to forgo the vase for lots of good reasons or …

Ok, I am clearly no Shakespeare, but I do want to talk about vase options. When you order flowers from Andrew’s Garden, we will ask whether you prefer them in a vase or arranged, hand-tied, and ready to place in a vase at home. It’s OK to skip the vase! It’s funny, but we have found that it is a uniquely American expectation that all flowers must arrive in a vase. Why? According to our florist friends in the UK, that’s just plain silly!

Now, there are situations where a vase makes sense. If your recipient is in the hospital without access to vases or she’s a mom just home with brand-new twins, for example. We certainly don’t want a new Mom searching for a vase for her flowers! But, most situations simply do not require a vase!

Andrew's Garden Signature Bouquet Silly Americans

When Andrew & I were in London a few years ago (we are ready to go again!), we spotted bagged bouquets at all the fine flower shops around town. They were exquisitely designed, in water for transport, & ready to pop into a vase at home! We talked with several florists who were kind enough to share pointers while we debated the sensibility of Americans storing all of those unused vases.

Andrew & I couldn’t stop thinking about those bagged bouquets. When we arrived home, we designed custom bags, perfected our technique, and here we are. People are talking about Andrew’s Garden Signature Bouquets. We try to have a few on hand in our shops at most times, but we are always happy to make one for you on the spot. If you don’t have time to wait, just call ahead or order one on our website. We recommend a designer’s choice bouquet with the day’s seasonal blooms. They are the perfect gift for all of those upcoming holiday parties to be sure! Arriving with one of our instantly recognizable AG Bags in hand, bursting with blooms, will surely leave a great impression on your hosts!

Skip The Vase!

Here are a few important reasons you should consider skipping the vase:

  • Spend your dollars on more blooms! On average, the vase or container will cost about 15-20% of the total cost of the arrangement. So, for a $100 arrangement, you are spending $15-20 just on the container. Add a few extra blooms instead!
  • You already have lots of vases! They are already collecting under your kitchen sink or on a shelf in the basement. Why accumulate more? Certainly you can find a better use for that space! Check out our Vase Recycling Program too! We will gladly accept them so you can make room at home!
  • The Supply Chain is all messed up! Yes, it is a real thing. We are struggling to find glass & ceramic products and the ones we can find are a lot more expensive! Right now, we are paying 2, 3, & even 4-times as much in product & shipping costs and, unfortunately, that affects the price we have to charge you too!
  • Bring in that gorgeous vase or other unique container that you love so much. Use the vase that Mom gave you or that beautiful ceramic pitcher. Flowers look great in almost anything and our designers are so creative! Bring in your container and we will quote you a price to fill it. We see everything from heirloom crystal, ceramic planters, & wooden dough bowls, to recurring annual arrangement in a hollowed-out ram’s horn. This is an especially great idea for Thanksgiving or Christmas arrangements!
  • Be kind to our planet! We are big fans of the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! While you’re at it, please reuse our Andrew’s Garden bags too! Skip the vase!

Inspiration Bouquets

Here are a few of our favorites from London. From L to R, Jane Packer London, Neill Strain Floral Couture, Moyses Stevens.

Sustainability is a core value of Andrew’s Garden.

Please REUSE our bags & any vase or container.

REDUCE the number of vases by having us REUSE your favorites!

We care about our communities & our planet and we know you do too!