Why is everyone talking about flowers from Andrew’s Garden? We are not your average American flower shop! We do things a little differently at Andrew’s Garden and we have flowers you have probably never seen before! If you have ever traveled in Europe, you know that flowers have a place in everyday life and the neighborhood flower shop is a frequent stop. That’s what we aim for at Andrew’s Garden. Flowers for everyday life, not just life’s big occasions.

The experience of Andrew’s Garden is extra-special because of three main things:


The Blooms + The Shop + The Artists


The Blooms

It’s all about the Blooms. We buy premium blooms and we source them from suppliers around the world where we have access to not only the highest quality flowers but exciting new varieties too. What is a premium bloom? Chicago is known for its steakhouses, so let’s use a steak analogy. The finest steakhouses serve Prime, aged steaks that they source from superior vendors. They serve steaks of unmatched quality that you don’t find in other restaurants. You can also enjoy a steak at a family restaurant or on your grill at home. They might be Choice or Select steaks, a lower-quality grade, but just right for the occasion!

The flowers at Andrew’s Garden are like Prime steaks at a fine-dining steakhouse. They are of superior quality from select vendors, and we choose unique & hard-to-find blooms that set our designs apart. Flowers arrive almost daily at Andrew’s Garden. You will see roses, garden roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, orchids, and the most interesting greens, branches, & textural elements. We love the natural beauty of flowers. Our blooms are not dyed, bleached, or painted. Roses & Garden Roses are our specialties. Most of our roses come to us directly from family-run rose farms in Ecuador where they grow some of the finest, largest, & most beautiful roses in the world! Not only that, but the farms are committed to eco-friendly farming & sustainable business practices too. That is important to us at Andrew’s Garden!

The Shop

It’s about The Shop too. You’ll understand when you visit us in Downtown Wheaton and experience Andrew’s Garden. Andrew & Tonya have long-admired the tiny flower shops in Europe that are filled to the brim with seasonal, garden-style blooms and lots of personality. It is easy to spot a florist in London becuase you will see buckets of flowers inside & out! They are not hidden in a big cooler or back room. There is something special about those shops in Paris, London, & Amsterdam that makes you want to go back over & over!

At Andrew’s Garden, you see, touch, & smell our blooms right in front of you. Flowers arrive nearly every day. We do not buy in bulk and hold them in cold storage. Being inside Andrew’s Garden should feel like you are in a garden, which is the primary inspiration for our garden-style designs. You may choose your own stems and arrange them yourself, or answer a few questions and we will choose & arrange them for you. During busy times & holidays, we recommend ordering ahead of time or choosing one of our ready-to-go Bagged Bouquets, but most of the time we can make a bouquet for you while you wait!

The Artists

We don’t want to brag too much, but our designers are the best of the best. Truly, they are artists. Floral design techniques change all the time and can be taught, but a natural talent for artistic creativity is like a priceless jewel to us. Our designers have all different kinds of artistic backgrounds and they each bring something special to our team. A bouquet from Andrew’s Garden should be easily recognizable as an AG bouquet, but each one will have the special touches depending on who designed your bouquet.


Hand-Tied Bouquet

Vased Arrangement


Frequently, our customers don’t know where to start. It can be overwhelming to see so many choices! Don’t worry, trust our Artists! All of our floral creations are custom-made, just for you. We always recommend ordering a Designer’s Choice Bouquet, where you will receive a mixed bouquet of the most gorgeous flowers in the shop that day. All you need to do is make three simple decisions:

    1. Choose a Hand-Tied Bouquet or a Vased Arrangement
    2. Choose a Size of Bouquet
    3. Choose a Color Palette

Our larger Hand-Tied Bouquets, sometimes called our Bagged Bouquets, are another nod to our European floral friends. We arrange the bouquet and tie it gently before placing it in water in one of our beautiful floral gift bags. When you get home, all you need to do is remove the bouquet from the packaging & pop it into a vase! A Hand-Tied Bouquet is perfect when you already have vases at home – and it is good for the environment too!

If you prefer a Vased Arrangement, we will do that too! Sometimes the occasion calls for a gift that requires no fuss at all. Choose a Vased Arrangement when you are sending flowers to an office or a hospital, or especially to a new mom! Our standard vases are clear glass, quality vases, but keep in mind we have unique vases & containers to choose from too. A unique container can make the perfect statement. Just ask and we will guide you to the perfect one.

Our most popular arrangements are the Small Couture & Medium Couture sizes shown below, where customers spend between $95-$150. Examples of our sizes are shown below, but we are happy to customize a bouquet for you at a price point in between. If you are familiar with Andrew’s Garden, you know that every bouquet, no matter the size, is made with premium blooms & greenery. Since blooms vary by season and the price of each bloom varies, the size of each bouquet within a standard will vary a bit too. A Petite Couture or Small Couture Bouquet will have fewer varieties or colors than a larger bouquet, but the blooms will be just as special. Quality & value are more important to us than size. The photos below show the relative changes in size depending on your price point. We have also noted below a few examples of table size or occasion that may help you choose.

Order flowers in person, over the phone, or right HERE on our website! Remember that all of our bouquets are custom, so any photos of specific bouquets on our website are just suggestions. If you ask us to make a specific bouquet you have seen on our website, it will be of a similar size, color scheme, & feel, but may not look exactly like the photo.


What size arrangement or bouquet do you need? We are always happy to help you decide what will work best. For deliveries, most of our customers choose a Small or Medium Arrangement, but where the flowers will be used may be the best indicator. The photos below show the relative scale of one size to the next, but keep in mind that the number of flowers in any particular size will vary somewhat depending on the varieties of flowers uses. We have also provided some examples of where the flowers may be placed.   

bud vases with fresh flowers
petite vased arrangement fresh flowers
small vased arrangement fresh flowers







medium vased arrangement fresh flowers
large vased arrangement fresh flowers
large vased arrangement fresh flowers







Buddies $35/each Desk, Nightstand, Small Table, Bathroom Counter
Petite $65 Side Table, Nightstand, Cocktail Table, Highboy Table
Small $95 Coffee Table, Buffet, Sideboard
Medium $150 Kitchen Island, Dining Table (seats 4-6), 60″ Round, Funeral Home Side Table, Sympathy Bouquet
Large $225 Large Kitchen Island, Large Dining Table (seats 6-10), 72″ Round, Funeral Home Front of Room, Sympathy Bouquet
X-Large $350 & up Statement Table, Foyer Table, Bar, Placecard Table Funeral Home Family Arrangement