It’s one of our specialties – making hearts bloom on Valentine’s Day! There are so many ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day, so we take it quite seriously here at Andrew’s Garden. We start with the most beautiful blooms at our fingertips. Since we are telling love stories with flowers, our blooms have to be exceptional! Take our roses, for instance, they’re not your ordinary roses! We will tell you more about our roses below.

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, we get lots of questions about what to order. We try to make it easy so that you can leave it up to our Designers – our Floral Artists – and rest assured that your Valentine will swoon over your choice in flowers. Let us introduce you to our Designer’s Choice Palettes, Valentine’s Day Signature Collection, and Rose Bouquets-Andrew’s Style!


Our Designers are Floral Artists! Our “frequent-flyer customers” will usually order a Designer’s Choice arrangement and choose a color palette and size. “Designer’s Choice” means one of our Designers chooses from the best flowers, greenery, & textures available that day to create a truly custom arrangement. If you’re not familiar with our style, see examples in our Gallery and sizing information in Our Blooms.

Red is not the only color for Valentine’s Day! We will have lots of red blooms on hand, of course, but also pink, purple, peach, cream, white, and more! Most of our customers tell us they prefer mixed bouquets to a vase of red roses. (We know some of you really love red rose bouquets, so more about them below!)

For Valentine’s Day, we assembled the most popular palettes. Or, choose the Valentine Mix and we will pick the color palette for you. Pricing for Luxury Reds does start a bit higher since, unfortunately, red flowers (especially roses!) cost more for us to buy for Valentine’s Day. That’s another reason why a mix of flower varieties and colors is a great way to go!

Hand Tied Bouquet from Andrew's Garden
color palette Valentine Mix
Color palette for Valentine Luxury Red
Designer's Choice Valentine Peaches & Pinks
Color palette for Designer's Choice Valentine Purples & Pinks

Hand-Tied Bouquet or Vased Arrangement

Do you prefer a Hand-Tied Bouquet or a Vased Arrangement? Most of us have a stash of vases at home, so we’d rather put more flowers in your bouquet! Choose a Hand-Tied Bouquet that will be delivered in a reusable and compostable Eco-Wrap (similar to a Swedish Dishcloth) so the flowers have a water source in transit. Learn more about our Hand-Tied Bouquets HERE.

If you’re ordering online, just leave us a note in the special instructions to skip the vase! Not only will you have more dollars allocated to the flowers themselves, but you are also helping our environment!


Maybe you prefer to see an example arrangement? We don’t do cookie cutter or “production line” arrangements at Andrew’s Garden. So, any arrangement you order will not look exactly like the photo, but it will be similar. Individual varieties of flowers in the featured color scheme will be chosen by the Designer, and the arrangement will have a similar value, look, and feel as pictured. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite styles to share with you in our Valentine’s Day Signature Collection.

Falling Into You
Falling Into You

This beautiful, winter-into-spring bouquet features sherbet-toned flowers in a clear glass vase. Individual varieties of flowers in this color scheme will be chosen by the designer but may include roses, ranunculus, tulips, and other premium blooms. That unusual looking hot pink flower is a Gloriosa Lily. We don’t always have them available, but we will include them if we do. Arent’ they gorgeous?! And that pink flower with the yellow stamen? That’s a reflexed tulip!

Bright flower arrangement in footed compote
Adore You

We are most known for our garden-style arranging, but when we have the opportunity, we love to play with this more asymmetrical, wild style. This stylish and funky arrangement is full of color and movement. To create this style, we use a metal floral frog to keep the flowers in place. The flower frog is yours to keep and can be re-used for furture arrangements too! While the actual arrangement will not be exactly the same as pictured, it will have a similar look, feel, and value. Rest assured it will be just as unique and exciting!

small vased flower arrangement pink yellow
one sweet love

This sweet arrangement may be petite, but it is bright and packed full of sunshine & love. Individual blooms will be chosen by the designer in varying shades of pink, yellow & cream with accents of green and, if available, blue. Perfectly sized to fit neatly on a busy desk surface, your Valentine will love to receive this one at work! 

Large vase of roses
la vie en rose

Don’t be fooled by the photo, this arrangement is really large and impressive! It’s an all-around arrangement (we don’t stack all of the flowers in the front for the photo!) Multiple varieties of roses & garden roses, peonies, and cymbidium orchids are layered in beautiful cream and blush tones. Peonies will be included when available. Vase or container will vary.


Handtied Red Rose Bouquet

If your Valentine loves red roses, then of course we will do them for you! We just do them a little differently here at Andrew’s Garden. Our roses are special! We use big, open varieties of roses, garden roses, and even spray roses, that are naturally large & full of layers of petals. (Open roses do not mean old roses at Andrew’s Garden!) Using more than one varieity of roses in a bouquet gives it dimension and texture, making it even more luxurious. Most of them come directly to us from family farms in Ecuador, so they are extra-fresh when they arrive at our door.

We artfully accent our rose bouquets with textures and greenery. We recommend using a fishbowl-style vase or a wider-mouth cylinder no more than 6-8″ tall. You will find that the roses look even more luxurious in a full & lush arrangement.


Hand-Tied Rose Bouquets

Handtied Bouquet Dozen Red Roses

12 Red Roses

Handtied Bouquet 18 Red Roses

18 Red Roses

Handtied Bouquet 24 Red Roses

24 Red Roses

Your love story

One last thought. Women aren’t the only ones who love & appreciate flowers! We have lots of men who come into our shop because they love our flowers. More than a few have said they’d be thrilled to receive flowers! Fun Fact: Way back in the 80s (when Andrew was a landscape designer and not a floral designer), Tonya used to surprise Andrew with unexpected flower deliveries at work. Little did they know that they’d end up opening Andrew’s Garden many years later! So, shake things up a bit and consider suprising your guy with flowers for Valentine’s Day!

We can’t wait to tell your love story with flowers this Valentine’s Day. If you have questions or would like to talk about other options, give us a call at the shop! Either way, Happy Valentine’s Day 2023!