It’s Prom season and, after COVID’s interlude, planning for Prom seems like it’s brand new all over again! It’s probably the first time you’ve ever had to order Prom flowers. So, here’s a quick rundown of our process at Andrew’s Garden.  (Mom or Dad – share this with your students so they can order. Or, if you’re making the call for them as most parents do, take a moment to recall how awesome we all looked in our own prom photos back in the day.)

First, take a deep breath. We are professionals. We’ve got this! After you give us a few details, we will make something extraordinary for you. That’s what we are known for – really gorgeous, unique, & artistic Dance Flowers! Check out our Dance Flowers Gallery to see what we mean!

Second, put it on your to-do calendar EARLY. Prom flowers from Andrew’s Garden are extremely popular and you don’t want to miss out!


Seriously? How early do I need to order?” We hear it every year with every dance. Prom, Homecoming, Turnabout. We always have a weekend or two that are extra challenging because multiple schools choose the same dates. This year, the biggest weekend by far is April 29 & 30 where we have 9 schools including Glenbard South, Glenbard West, St. Francis, and Wheaton North all at once! Dance flowers may be small, but they take lots of time to make. We usually cut off orders about a week before any dance. With a weekend like April 29 & 30, it may even be closer to 2 weeks ahead of time. We don’t like telling anyone no, but quality is much more important than quantity to us at Andrew’s Garden.

Plan ahead on the day of the dance too! Dance Flowers will be ready by NOON on the day of the dance.  If you must have them earlier than that, please order for the day before the dance. We cannot guarantee that your flowers will be ready early on the day of the dance.


When you call, most of the questions we will ask are very easy – name, phone number, date of the dance…  Aside from that, here’s what you should be thinking about for Prom:

Do you need a Nosegay or Boutonnière? Or, maybe a Wrist Corsage?

A Nosegay is a small, hand-tied bouquet with ribbon wrapped around the stems. A Boutonnière is a small grouping of flowers tied with ribbon worn on the lapel of a suit or tuxedo. A Wrist Corsage is a grouping of flowers and ribbon arranged on a bracelet. The young men usually wear boutonnières. For Prom in our area, the young women usually carry a Nosegay, but in some schools it is more common to see young women wearing Wrist Corsages. Check with your friends to see what is customary at your school.

What colors are you wearing?

This is where things can get out of hand. Take another deep breath and don’t overthink it! The flowers should coordinate with what you are wearing. It is nearly impossible to “match” colors exactly and it usually leads to disappointment if you try. What do you mean when you say ‘coral‘? If a color is close, but not quite right, it can look really bad! We recommend using complementary colors instead. When we know about what you are wearing, we will suggest options for the flowers. We prefer to use a combination of multiple shades or tones of a particular color because it adds texture and depth.

What color tones & color palette do you prefer for the flowers?

We recommend a Designer’s Choice item with the choice of a Color Tone & Color Palette.

Color Tones:

  • Pastels/Muted
  • Bold/Saturated
  • Neutral Whites & Creams

Color Palettes:

  • Peach
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Yellow, etc.
What is your date’s name?

(Psst – This may be the trickiest question since usually Mom is ordering the flowers, right?)

Not only do we need the first name, but a last name is necessary too! Why in the world do we ask? We absolutely love making flowers that coordinate perfectly with your date’s flowers. Remember, you are usually ordering for each other. So, tell your date to order from Andrew’s Garden too! Right before the dance, we sort through our orders and match up the coordinating sets so we can make them together! Cool, right?  It’s another reason to get those orders in early.  It makes us sad when a date calls a little too late and we can’t make them together!


So, that’s it! It’s really, quite simple. It is most important to think about color tones & color palette. Then, leave the rest to us!

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