2020 just keeps on giving, doesn’t it? What a year! We are so grateful that we are still here. We are still standing. For the moment, our doors are still open for shopping inside! We are doing everything we can to keep our staff and our customers safe. We will be eternally grateful for the way our community has stepped up to keep our business, and so many others, alive this year. I can’t imagine a place I’d rather be right now than Downtown Wheaton. Seriously. It’s been real hard, but you’ve had our backs like we never expected. Our business community is strong & resilient, but we still need your support more than ever. One of the best things about being a business owner in Downtown Wheaton is how we work together with the other business owners. Our situations are all different, but we all understand the struggles that have made 2020 what it is.  Thanks to YOU, thanks to the Downtown Wheaton Association (Elle!!), thanks to the City of Wheaton, thanks to all of the hardworking owners & staff of downtown businesses. You’re awesome!!


That brings us to the holidays.  Did you know that Andrew & I shop for our holiday merchandise in January every year?! Yes, JANUARY. Just as we pack up one Christmas, we are already choosing a color scheme & theme for the next Christmas. Do you remember January 2020? COVID-19 had not reached our radar yet. So, we planned for the best holiday season yet for Andrew’s Garden. We really pushed the envelope and bought some extraordinary things to share with you! We planned for our Jingle & Mingle Open House to be the best ever with a huge crowd of excited, festive people ready to take home lots of beautiful things. Nope. 2020 had something else in mind. We couldn’t cancel Jingle & Mingle. We had to reimagine it!


People always tell us that they want to just sit down and stay inside our shop for a while. When we host our Design Classes, our classmates have a change to enjoy some private time inside the shop. It makes us feel good when we hear that because we want Andrew’s Garden to be an experience, not just a store. So, in an effort to keep everyone safe and yet still experience Andrew’s Garden this season, we bring you JINGLE & MINGLE-REIMAGINED! We have scheduled a series of exclusive shopping appointments limited to 6 customers at a time. Our recommendation is to bring a group of 6 people (maybe your “pandemic pod”?) and have your own private shopping celebration. We will provide some treats as usual, but packaged just for you. You will have 45 minutes to browse uninterrupted.  Our design staff will be on hand to help you put together the perfect décor or find the perfect gift. You may also want to take the time while you’re here to pre-order your Thanksgiving and Christmas floral arrangements.  It must sound like a good idea because, as of the writing of this blog, we have nearly 150 people already signed up!!


In order to accommodate all of these appointments, our hours for walk-in customers will be limited during the month of November.  Our December hours may be adjusted too, but we are waiting to see what the next couple of weeks bring our way. (We even have a Plan B in mind just in case we have to pivot again, but we’re not going to talk about that yet!) If you do not already have tickets, please visit the Events page on our website and reserve them right away! It’s easy and FREE. Please see our updated hours below.


We can’t wait to see you soon. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek at our very messy prep for Jingle & Mingle-Reimagined!!! Aggie is our master of tie-ons, and she is making everything look spectacular for you!


So, wear your mask, watch your distance, & wash your hands.   BE WELL & FLOWER ON!!









































October 31-November 1 CLOSED Set up Jingle & Mingle-Reimagined
November 2 9am – 6pm HOLIDAY REVEAL
November 3 CLOSED Election Day
November 4-22 Monday – Friday 9am – 10am Appointment Only
10am – 6pm OPEN for Walk-Ins
6pm – 8pm Appointment Only
Saturday 9am – 11am Appointment Only
11am – 2pm OPEN for Walk-Ins
2pm – 5pm Appointment Only
Sunday 11am – 2pm Appointment Only
November 23-24 9am – 7pm
November 25 9am – 5pm
November 27 Black Friday 9am – 5pm Appointment Only
November 28 Small Business Saturday 9am – 6pm OPEN for Walk-Ins
November 29 CLOSED
November 30 9am – 6pm