Our Photo Galleries demonstrate what we mean by Floral Couture, with lots of gorgeous photos showing examples of the beautiful, artistic, & custom floral designs we create for Everyday Flowers, Weddings & Events, School Dances, and Celebrations of Life.

Everything we do at Andrew’s Garden starts with a conversation. It may be a short conversation in the shop about flowers to cheer up a friend, or it may be an Initial Consultation about your wedding or event. Either way, we want to know the impact you are looking for with flowers from Andrew’s Garden. We get started planning your flowers when we know how you want the flowers to make someone feel. Custom flowers leave an impression. That’s the Couture part of Andrew’s Garden – that is how we flower.

Now, the contrarians in the world will say, “There’s no conversation when someone orders online!” Wrong! Most of our online customers choose from our Designer’s Choice options since they know and trust our work. They choose a color palette and leave the entire composition up to our Floral Artists. (Want to try it out? Order HERE.) Even when customers choose a bouquet or arrangement with a little more predictability to the style, there is still a conversation between our designers. “Oooh – you’re doing a bold & saturated arrangement? Did you see the giant Minerva Cloni Ranunculus that arrived this morning! It looks like a juicy watermelon!” Our team gets excited about sharing their artistry and love for flowers. An artist finds inspiration everywhere, but doesn’t want to spend all day copying another artist’s design. Our Floral Artists create original, unique, and artistic florals just for you.

So, take a leisurely browse through our Galleries to see how we flower. Find inspiration. Tell us about your favorites – or even the ones you don’t like! It all helps us figure out what your flowers should look like!


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