I want my flowers to last forever!

We know you love your flowers from Andrew’s Garden and want them to last forever. We can’t manage the “forever” part, but we can share some flower care tips to help them last as long as possible!

Something we often don’t think about, but should, is that these beautiful blooms are a natural, perishable product and they need special care. At Andrew’s Garden, we are very choosy about the premium blooms that we source for you, so most of our flowers come straight to us from flower farms in Illinois, or directly from farms in the Netherlands or Ecuador. Seeing the flowers arrive in our store just makes us want to happy dance!! And, because they’re so special, we want to make sure that they are taken care of to last for you as long as possible. That process starts with how we handle them in the shop and continues when you get them home. Did you know that we re-cut the stems and change the water for all flowers in the shop every day? Let’s break it down a bit.

The Trip Home

As the seasons change, it’s just as important to remember the different care required for your flowers on their journey home. Just as we do not recommend leaving flowers in your car when it’s over 70°F, we also do not recommend leaving your flowers in the car when it’s below 38°F. Outside weather conditions can severely impact the quality and lifespan of your flowers! When it’s especially cold, we will wrap your flowers to protect them from the elements, but we still ask that you get them home in a timely manner. If you’re planning on running errands or doing more shopping, be sure to pick up your flowers last on your way home!

Pick a spot in your car where your flowers will sit flat and not tip over. The floor of the passenger seat in the front is often a good choice. Take it easy around corners and at stop signs too so you don’t get your flowers wet!

Now, it’s just as important to properly care for your flowers when they get to their destination too. Care instructions will accompany each floral delivery and proper care at home is necessary to maintain freshness.


Perhaps the most important tip to keep your flowers fresh is making sure they have plenty of fresh, clean water to drink! Sometimes it seems you could stare at the water and watch it disappear. Some flowers drink a lot of water! Check the water level frequently and change the water every 1-2 days. Most flowers are happiest with room-temperature water. The process of changing water varies a bit depending on how your flowers are arranged. Here are care tips on just how to do that!

Hand-Tied Bouquet Care Tips
Large Vased Arrangement Care Tips

Hand-Tied Bouquet Care Tips

When you arrive home, remove the bag and Eco-Wrap. Don’t remove any bands or twine at the binding point of the bouquet, since that is what keeps your arrangement together. Re-cut the stems on an angle with a clean, sharp knife or clippers, being careful not to crush fragile stems (like tulips, ranunculus, & calla lilies). Be sure to cut at least 1-inch of length. Right after cutting the stems, place the bouquet in a clean vase with fresh, room-temperature water (not too cold, please!). Questions about your bouquet? Read more about our Hand-Tied Bouquets.

Vased Arrangement Care Tips

When it comes to flowers that are already arranged in a vase, there are a couple variables that may impact you. Because of our techniques used to design your arrangement, you might not be able to lift your flowers out of the vase to re-cut the stems. First, check your vase: Do you see branches or chicken wire inside, or tape over the top of the vase? Those are all things we do to create a structure for your arrangement and to keep the stems in place. If you see any of these mechanics, then it will be difficult to lift your flowers out of the vase to cut the stems. See the photos below for examples.

Chicken Wire in Vase
Tape on Vase

If your arrangement includes twisted branches, chicken wire, or tape, we recommend changing the water every day since you cannot easily trim the stems. To change the water, ensure you have a good grip on the vase. Use your other hand to support the flowers while dumping the old water out. Try to keep the flowers and greenery from getting wet. Next, return your vase and flowers upright and fill the vase with new, clean, room-temperature water. Please don’t leave them out of water too long! Even 30 seconds without water will affect how much your flowers can absorb water. Return your arrangement to its home and repeat in another 24 hours. When you are unable to cut your stems, we recommend a water change every day to limit bacterial growth.

Now, if your arrangement does not include twisted branches, chicken wire, or tape, you should trim the stems and change the water every 1-2 days. To do so, simply bunch your arrangement in one hand and lift from the vase. (If it is a really large bouquet that requires two hands, you might need someone to help with this step.) Pour the water out, rinse the vase well, then fill the vase with fresh, clean, room-temperature water.

Before putting the flowers back in the vase, cut the stems on an angle with a clean, sharp knife or clippers, being careful not to crush fragile stems (like tulips, ranunculus, & calla lilies). Be sure to cut at least 1-inch of length. Right after cutting the stems, place the bouquet back in the vase. Make sure to change your water before cutting your stems; after cutting the stems, if left on the counter for even 30 seconds, they will begin to dry and close, which won’t allow for sufficient water absorption.

Pouring water from vase
Tape on Vase


When you choose where to display your flowers at home, you should consider a few important things. Set your flowers in a cooler area, avoiding direct sunlight, fans or drafts. You may think that flowers prefer a sunny spot, but once they’re cut, direct sun will accelerate their remaining lifespan. Temperature is also extremely important, even a few degrees in room temperature makes a huge difference! Flowers will last longer in a 68-degree room than a 75-degree room.

Are you putting your flowers on a kitchen island or dining table? It might look pretty but keep your flowers away from your fruit bowl! As fruit ripens, it gives off an odorless gas called ethylene. It’s not harmful to you, but it will “ripen” your flowers just like it helps ripen other fruit! You know the trick, put your fruit in a paper bag to get it to ripen quicker, right? The fruit does the same thing to flowers if they are too close.

Then, make sure you check the water level daily since your flowers may be very thirsty. Make sure they don’t run out of water! As we mentioned above, we recommend changing the water every 1-2 days & re-cutting the stems if possible. That helps limit bacteria growth and extend the life of your bouquet.  You will notice that some flowers will deteriorate more quickly than others. That is natural and expected! You may see that with peonies, dahlias, certain garden roses. In general, more fragrant flowers deteriorate more quickly than less fragrant flowers. However, you can still enjoy the rest of the flowers! Simply remove stems as they deteriorate and enjoy the rest of your flowers for as long as possible!

Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

Enjoy your flowers!

Remember-fresh flowers are perishable, natural products that do not last forever. There is a natural variation between blooms. That’s what we love about them! At Andrew’s Garden, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our flowers. However, even when we do our very best to protect them, some may wilt sooner than we hope. We receive flowers nearly every day, so you can be sure they are very fresh when you receive them. Most of our flowers may last a week or more with proper care. But keep in mind that some of the most special & delicate flowers, like peonies, dahlias, gardenias, and even certain garden roses, are only expected to last a couple of days. Generally, more fragrant flowers have a shorter vase-life. If you ever have a question or concern about your flowers, please call us right away so we can address your concern.

We hope these care tips are insightful and help you enjoy every minute of your fresh flowers at home!

Thanksgiving Flowers

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