everyday FLOWERS

FLOWERS FOR any occasion AND no occasion at all

Flowers are appropriate for any occasion and no occasion at all! Send flowers for Mother’s Day & Birthdays, of course, but you don’t need a special occasion to buy a single bloom to sit on your kitchen counter! At Andrew’s Garden, we make flowers an accessible part of everyday life.


Are you ready to order flowers from Andrew’s Garden? This Photo Gallery is full of pretty pictures, but you can’t order from this page.  Let’s get you to the right page right away!


This is what we mean by Floral Couture! Our Gallery of Everyday Flowers includes examples of our work in all ways you can find flowers at Andrew’s Garden – Single Blooms, Fresh Stems, Hand-Tied Bouquets, Vased Arrangements, and even Blooming Orchid Plants. Sometimes, Tonya likes to grab a photo of an especially captivating bloom she spots on the flower wall. Basically, this Gallery is an excuse for us to show you a lot of pretty flower pictures! Keep in mind that some flowers you see here are may not be in season right now. If you are ordering flowers and you see something here that you love, let us know! We will tell you what we have available and how we can accomplish your goal.


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