Wreath Design ClassThu, Dec 8, 2022, 7:00 pm


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This Wreath Design Class takes place at our shop at 131 West Wesley St, Wheaton, IL.  

At Andrew’s Garden, we use premium, high-end, seasonal flowers to create exceptional, garden-style designs. During the holiday season, we load up on the most incredible & fragrant fresh holiday greenery, perfect This Design Class is a hands-on experience where you will create a beautiful holiday wreath to take home at the end of the class. Sorry, but your wreath won’t be as enormous as the one with legs in the photo, but that’s just a gorgeous wreath. Regardless of size though, we won’t skimp on the beautiful greenery, textural elements, and other items that you will have to decorate your wreath. As an added bonus, you will leave with a cool, reusable, eco-friendly, Andrew’s Garden Tote Bag!

In this Design Class, we will talk about how to accomplish that recognizable style you have come to expect from Andrew’s Garden. Along the way, we will discuss basic design concepts including size, proportion, color-balance, vase choice, and so on. You will have so much fun that you won’t even realize how much you are learning!

This Design Class is suitable for everyone from beginners to more experienced flower lovers.

IMPORTANT: If you are booking this Design Class for someone else, we require their name, phone number, and email. Please provide this at registration or call us at 630-456-4689.


Class Fee – The Class Fee for this class is $150/person plus 8% sales tax, resulting in a ticket price of $162.00.

Class Size – Most classes are limited to 10 people or less, depending on location and nature of the class.

Arrival Time  Unless otherwise provided, Design Classes begin at 7pm and generally last 1 to 1.5 hours. We recommend arriving about 15 minutes early.

Social Time – We encourage socializing & shopping before or after class. Light refreshments will be served, and you are welcome to Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB).

Attire – Please wear closed-toed shoes to prevent injury from broken glass, dropped clippers, or other floral accidents. Dress comfortably and perhaps in layers. We keep our shops on the cooler side to protect our flowers, so you may want a sweater any time of year. Lots of flowers like to share pollen, so it may not be the best environment for your favorite dry-clean-only items.

Equipment & Supplies – There is no need to bring anything with you as all equipment and supplies are provided.

Photography – We encourage you to take photos during your Design Class and share them with your friends! Your referral is the best compliment! We love it when you tag Andrew’s Garden if you post on social media. We often take photos & videos during our Design Classes to use for marketing purposes (see Terms & Conditions below). If you do not want to be in any photos or videos, please let us know before the Design Class.

Cancellation & Rescheduling – Since we purchase flowers and supplies for each class, we cannot offer a credit for no-shows or last-minute cancellations. Please see our Terms and Conditions below for more details on cancellation & rescheduling options.

Health & Safety/COVID Policy – Design Class participants are expected to follow our health & safety guidelines. Any participant who fails to do so will be unable to participate in the Design Class and will not receive any refund of class fees. Andrew’s Garden follows all applicable federal, state, and local recommendations and mandates with respect to the COVID-19 Pandemic including, without limitation, those issued by the Center for Disease Control, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Governor of the State of Illinois. If you do not feel well, have been exposed to someone with COVID, or have tested positive for COVID, please do not attend the Design Class. Please call us at 630-456-4689 to discuss options to transfer to a different Design Class.


If you have additional questions regarding Design Classes, please contact Tonya at 630-456-4689, or [email protected].


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