Andrew’s Birthday Disco Design PartyThu, Oct 19, 2023, 7:00 pm

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West Chicago Studio

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This Design Class will be held at our new event production studio in WEST CHICAGO, STUDIO AG, 245 W Roosevelt Road, Building 3, Unit 19, West Chicago, 60185


It’s Andrew’s Birthday and he wants another Disco Design Party! We will crank up the disco music and enjoy drinks & appetizers under the lights of our very own AG Disco Ball!! Have fun and come in your favorite disco gear, but make sure you’re comfortable enough to design with flowers! It’s Andrew’s choice on the type of design, so you can be sure it will be fun, exciting and you will take home beautiful flowers! **This class will run longer that our typical design class and will include more substantial food & beverages.


At Andrew’s Garden, we use premium, high-end, seasonal flowers to create exceptional, garden-style designs. Each Design Class is a hands-on experience where you will create a beautiful arrangement to take home at the end of the class. We will explain the ever-changing, unique flowers you will find at Andrew’s Garden and what makes our flower selection so special. Most importantly, you will learn why we think flowers should be part of your everyday life in one way or another!

In each Design Class, you will learn how to choose, prepare, arrange, & care for fresh flowers for the best results. We will show you how to combine different varieties of flowers, greenery, textural elements, and other natural materials to accomplish that recognizable style you have come to expect from Andrew’s Garden. Along the way, we will discuss basic design concepts including size, proportion, color-balance, vase choice, and so on. You will have so much fun that you won’t even realize how much you are learning about flowers!

This Design Class is suitable for everyone from beginners to more experienced flower lovers.

IMPORTANT: If you are booking this Design Class for someone else, we require their name, phone number, and email. Please provide this at registration or call us at 630-456-4689.

IF YOU HAVE A GIFT CARD, please call us to register.


If you have additional questions regarding Design Classes, please contact Tonya at 630-456-4689, or [email protected].

Photo Credit: Alicia’s Photography


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